Jul 12, 2015

Judge Tries to Steal Redskins’ Name from Under Team, But Fans Respond With THIS

By on Sunday, July 12, 2015

 If I wanted to get all up into the politically incorrect, I’d question Judge Gerald Bruce Lee about his now infamous and truly idiotic ruling on the Washington Redskins’ football team not because he tried to strip the team of its trademark authority but because he didn’t also go after the “scalpers” of the team’s tickets.
Essentially, I’d ask why Judge Gerald BRUCE LEE didn’t get all Ninja on those Skins.
Har har.
But oh, the h8rs would freak out on me and say my jokes show what a racist I am against Native Americans for not supporting some downtrodden unnamed tribe who’ve in no way been disparaged by the Tomahawk salute but who most deservedly should be offended about being vaguely represented by a team with such a lousy record.

By now, if you’ve read anything from me, you know I’m sensitive to true injustices against aggrieved victims, including African Americans who’ve been denied the same due process as their white neighbors. I’m even at peace in the tumultuous debate over removing a flag whose symbolism no longer means what its supporters say it historically reflected.
And while I admit that I’ve not discussed this with my few friends bearing recessive Native American genes, at some point my indignant meter falls to zero and I have to call out the fools who abuse the court system to rectify some nonexistent offense against a group of undefined people whose single shared trait is that their families lived in the U.S. before it was a constitutional republic.
And while I’m a Baltimore Ravens fan, I’m gratified that the brave (and persistent) warriors (and they’d have to be brave because when’s the last time their team had a winning season) who call themselves Redskins fans aren’t taking this nonsense lying down. They’re putting on the face paint and pointing out the true inconsistencies of America’s latest wholly cowardly move toward anti-constitutional strikes at free speech, free association, and the ability to turn a profit via a legal and established organization.
The HTTR4life.com website (that’s “Hail to the Redskins”) points out that even Native Americans think this cloying argument about hurt feelings isn’t all that compelling.
HTTR4life.com also helpfully points out that Redskins owner Daniel Snyder has probably done more for Native Americansthan the U.S. government.
In fact, the more egregious offense from the Redskins are its team colors. Burgundy and gold? Try again. More like puke rust and dried out yellow. How’s that for color commentary?


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