Jul 25, 2015

INSANE Cartoon from the Left Compares the Second Amendment to ISIS

By on Saturday, July 25, 2015

It appears the 59-year old man believed to have shot up a Louisiana movie theater on Thursday night once created a profile on a national tea party community website, but the leader of that organization tells The Daily Caller he doesn’t know John Russell Houser.

I mean we’ve got 55,000 people who are on the website, who have signed up as members,” Judson Phillips, the founder of Tea Party Nation, said in a phone interview with TheDC on Friday morning.
“As far as I know, he’s never contributed to any discussions or anything on the site,” Phillips said of Houser. “Wouldn’t know the guy if I met him.”
Police identified Houser of Phenix City, Ala. on Friday morning as the man who killed two people and injured nine before killing himself during a movie screening in Lafayette.
In June 2013, someone made a profile on the Tea Party Nation website under the name John Russell Houser. The location was listed as Phenix City.
Phillips said he doesn’t believe Houser was active with the organization.

“I had somebody check. It looks like whoever this guy is — whether it’s the same guy or not and I have no way of knowing — apparently he signed up in 2013,” Phillips said. “And basically, when you sign up with us, you put your name on the profile. Whoever he is, this guy has never done anything, never contributed anything, never said anything. And there’s not even a photo on the profile.”
Phillips said he is prepared for the tea party to take heat. …


  1. 55,000 teabagging idiots. Scares the hell out of me.

  2. Hey, that's a nice holster.

  3. Over a corrupted to the core government?

  4. This IS what will happen if you try to take a mans property.

  5. America has a problem: insanity caused by the permanent stress of oppressive leadership. Those who have to work two jobs and still can't make it are exposed to stress which often cause insanity. Insanity needs to the with to kill other people.

    By the way - join up American and you can murder and rape abroad.

  6. Only an idiot would be more scared of 55,000 teabagging idiots than the corrupt to the core government that:

    - Arms south of the border drug smugglers by demanding legitimate American gun stores (under threat of prosecution) sell to these drug dealsers.

    - Creates ISI[S/L] and funnels huge amounts of arms and supplies to them via "accidental" supply drops.


    - It works, feverishly to disarm its citizens "for their own safety".

    (Guess what! You aid your friends and you disarm your enemies. Get the picture?)

    Someone that is scared of 55,000 teabagging idiots and yet ignores the obvious corruptions of our craphole government has to have his own head up his (or anothers) rectal orifice so far, you must not need oxygen.

    I've come to realize that most of the associations and "facts" of these shooters' associations, etc, are fake. Its an agenda based "false flag after the fact" which represents a CAFF, a Class A False Flag. He may have gone to the theatre and he may have shot people but all the other "facts" (including the Tea Party associations) are warped into submission to fulfil the agenda.

    Think for yourself and realize that it really doesn't matter. The value of the tea party profile or confederate flag in the hand of some idiot on psychotropics (never mind that it was PHTOSHOPPED) is only high if the weak minded can be led by it. Welcome to the world of morons: the world that believes we can make the world better or safer by using guilt by association *AND* disarm the general population but still allow gun toting people to gulp down psychotropic drugs. Nobody sane person wants to take cars away from the people who don't drive drunk. But, insane anti-gunners want to take guns away from people who don't harm others.

    The only people that are more insane than the nutcases that shoot up theatres are the ones who want to take guns away from people who don't misuse them. Please don't breed and propagate the "Stupid Gene". ...oh, and certainly, you must not look at the psychotropic consumption of these murderers. No! No! That must be totally ignored.

    Dear World: My country is full of idiots. Please don't count me as one of them.

    ...oh, wait, that won't do any good! The general population of the world outside of America is far worse than America. Oh, well...

  7. Keep telling yourself that. The black helicopters are coming!

  8. Think your scared now try and steal there property.