Jul 19, 2015

Guess Who’s Taking All the Jobs From American Teenagers?

By on Sunday, July 19, 2015

 One of the tangible negative effects from all the illegal aliens in America is the loss of work for entry-level, job-seeking teens.
Because more and more illegal aliens are here working at low-paying jobs, those jobs which would ordinarily go to American teenagers are not available for them.
This is especially true in the lousy Obama economy we have had here for the past 6 years.  The Washington Examinerreports:
American teen employment has dropped 20 percent from the late 1980s, in part because more and more immigrants have flooded into the market to displace native-born kids from jobs in percentages far higher than on adults, according to the Federal Reserve.

“The displacement effect of immigration on the employment of younger persons is much larger than on the employment of prime-age adults,” said the September 2014 report, “Labor Force Participation: Recent Developments and Future Prospects.”
The Fed report is the second to blame immigrants for taking jobs “native” teens would normally fill and come as new media reports show teen employment down this year.
This only makes sense – as more and more illegal immigrants (and Obama’s “dreamers”) take jobs that are entry level, the fewer jobs there are going to be for teenagers.
Since most teens have little or no work experience, they are forced to start at entry level positions in order to learn how to work.
In the past, this was great preparation for life for the average teenager.  By the time they were out of college, or reached adulthood, they had several years’ work experience under their belts.  They were then prepared to move on in their careers.
But, given the fact that today many teenagers don’t have jobs, in large part to Obama’s “open borders” policies, they aren’t learning how to work until much later in life; if at all.
 But, don’t expect the Obama Administration or the national media to be honest about this additional problem to the flood of illegal aliens in America.  It doesn’t fit their template.
 However, most of those media reports don’t cite immigration as a cause or even cite last year’s surge of over 70,000 illegal youths crossing over the U.S.-Mexico border.

A July 3 New York Times report on the issue, for example, didn’t mention immigration even though the Federal Reserve last fall and in 2012 put a blame on immigration.
That omission prompted an immigration watchdog group to mock the Times for being political correct.
“It’s frustratingly common: The mainstream media discusses a social problem obviously impacted by immigration — overcrowding, low wages, increasing poverty, etc. — but assiduously avoids any mention of immigration. To much of the media, using the word immigration in the context of any social problem has become a taboo, roughly equivalent to saying ‘Voldemort’ in a Hogwarts classroom,” said the Center for Immigration Studies.
A 2012 Fed report said that just a 1 percent increase in low-skill immigration reduces native teenage work hours by 0.3 percent.
The abstract of that report written by a Fed economist read:
The employment to population rate of high school–aged youth has fallen by about 20 percentage points since the late 1980s. One potential explanation is increased competition from substitutable labor, such as immigrants. I demonstrate that the increase in the population of less educated immigrants has had a considerably more negative effect on employment outcomes for native youth than for native adults. At least two factors are at work: there is greater overlap between the jobs that youth and less educated adult immigrants traditionally do, and youth labor supply appears more responsive to immigration-induced wage changes.
Not only have the Obama Administration’s “open borders” policies led to a spike in the crime rate in America, it has also dampened an already weak economy.
On top of that, it is damaging to our future.  We will have fewer young adults with real-world work experience to lead tomorrow’s economy.
Far too many young people don’t realize their employment woes are due to this President.  Because their faulty public school educations haven’t taught them how to think, they rely on their emotions to guide them.
The Democrat Party learned a long time ago how to emotionally manipulate people to get them to become loyal, even to those who are harming them.


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