Jul 25, 2015

GENIUS Cartoon Perfectly Sums Up Why Obama Loves Iran So Much…

By on Saturday, July 25, 2015

When the secretary of state says, as John Kerry did last week in his Senate testimony, that the Obama White House is “guaranteeing” Iran won’t have the bomb, you can be sure that—well, you can be pretty confident that he doesn’t mean it. And that someday soon he’ll pretend he never said it.

When the administration started its negotiations, the Iranians were going to have to dismantle their entire nuclear weapons program, said Obama, centrifuges and all. Instead, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) grants the program international legitimacy. Even the president acknowledges that when the deal expires, Iran will have a clear path to a bomb. So what can Kerry possibly mean when he guarantees they won’t?
Until very recently, skeptics of the nuclear deal focused on the clerical regime’s propensity for lying and cheating. As critics of the JCPOA pointed out, there is very little in the inspection and verification provisions to ensure that Tehran will abide by it. The agreement puts the world in the position of having to trust the say-so of a ruling clique that advances its goals through stealth and terror. Who in their right mind would trust the Islamic Republic?

As it turns out, an equally pressing problem is on the other side—our side. The White House is making a habit of deceiving the American people—and lawmakers—about the agreement it’s struck with Iran. …


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