Jul 12, 2015

Evil plane seat design would ruin whatever good remains of air travel

By on Sunday, July 12, 2015

 Zodiac Seats France, an airline seat manufacturer, has patented a new, horrifying design for future air travelers.
As a fair warning, owning the patent doesn’t necessarily mean the project will come to fruition, but it DOES mean that someone thought the project had enough potential to justify investing a lot of time, money, and resources in it.

From The Verge:
Basically, the idea is to take the middle seat — already the worst seat on a flight — and turn it around 180 degrees so as to maximize space.

The patent is full of dystopian illustrations. Let’s start with Figure 1:
You may notice that, with this configuration, your in-flight infotainment screen will be supplemented with persistent eye contact from your neighbors. Please also note where hands rest — easier to see now that we’ve added color:
Figure 2, providing us another angle of this compact craziness, is just a little more reserved with its inter-row public displays of affection, implying top-of-the-leg and handholding instead (again, we’ve added color for the sake of clarity). Take this time to picture yourself in this situation. Now picture yourself having to get up and go to the bathroom in this Brave New Setup. Now imagine turbulence.
Look comfortable? I doubt it.
What do you think of this? Are we looking at the future of air travel?


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