Jul 20, 2015

Do You See What’s ‘Wrong’ With the Cake Costco Pulled from Ordering System after Mom Complained?

By on Monday, July 20, 2015

 The left is notorious for being super sensitive and making a fuss out of everything they find ‘offensive’. It only takes one offended person to tip the corners of the corporate world into the sea of chaos.
The latest example of this comes from Costco, which has allegedly eliminated a birthday cake featuring a dinosaur from its bakeries after receiving a complaint from an Arizona mom who said the cake promotedsatanismInquisitr reported.

What made the mom, Jessica Eckerdt, so uncomfortable?
She felt the dinosaur’s feet resembled the number “666,” which folklore says is the mark of the beast, or the Antichrist.
“I was extremely shocked and upset to see a demonic symbol written clear as day on my six-year-old son’s birthday cake,” wrote Eckerdt, according to Inquisitr.
“What was supposed to be a whimsical dinosaur became something very distasteful,” she added. “I was extremely surprised at Costco for allowing such an inappropriate joke be sold to an unsuspecting victim.”
And with that, the retail giant allegedly removed the cake from their online ordering system, according to Inquisitr, who offered the following photo as proof:
 This incident is a great example of how the left can manage to make a fuss out of just about everything and somehow whine loud enough to win.
Most of us with half a brain would never have noticed that in a million years; and if we did, we would have seen it as irony — not as some subliminal demonic curse.
But according to a former Costco employee, the controversy is much ado about nothing.

“I work for Costco and was a cake decorator there for five years,” Allison Logsdon wrote in a statement on Facebook. “The dinosaur should have a fourth leg and the feet do not curve into a six. This is just a poor example of their design and is in no way a reflection of the company.”
Literally, all they have to do is re-train the cake decorator. There is no need to remove the innocent dinosaur cake from their online ordering system because of imperfect cake-decorating skills.


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