Jul 13, 2015

Cartoon Has A BRILLIANT Answer To This Age-Old Question About Hillary

By on Monday, July 13, 2015

From The Daily Caller:
Reacting to Hillary Clinton’s first national television interview with CNN last week on “Capital Download” Sunday, Vox political reporter Jonathan Allen gave the former secretary a harsh review, calling it “terrible.”
Allen slammed Clinton for being “extremely evasive,” adding further that she couldn’t even answer what woman should be put on the $10 dollar bill.

SUSAN PAGE: Hillary Clinton finally did a national TV interview last week with CNN. I know you, Jonathan, that you have co-authored a book. So rate for us, how did she do?
JONATHAN ALLEN: I thought it was terrible. I think the things that people don’t like about her really came out in this interview in terms of her being extremely evasive on questions of substance like would she raise taxes. She dodged that. Even something so small as which woman she thinks should be put on the $10 dollar bill, where she basically hedged and then said maybe it should be the $20 dollar bill and never even answered the question.


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