Jul 18, 2015

Brilliant Meme Explains the Six Amazing “Miracles” of Socialism

By on Saturday, July 18, 2015

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders “shunned” some of his closest personal friends as he moved away from Vermont socialist circles and into big-time Democratic Party politics, and the resentment still lingers today.

Sanders’ political star is rising as he positions himself as a left-wing alternative to Hillary Clinton. His rallies are drawing major crowds and helping drive the Democratic Party’s voter registration and mobilization efforts among liberals disenchanted by Wall Street-friendly Clinton. But as the media praises Sanders’ “socialist” credentials, socialists in the senator’s home state said there’s no love lost between them.
Peter Diamondstone, socialist co-founder of the Vermont-based Liberty Union Party that gave Bernie Sanders his first exposure to politics in the 1970s, said that he is now persona non grata in Sanders-world. …
“In 1980 Sanders wanted to be connected to a socialist name. He asked me to talk to the Socialist Party about getting him the vice presidential nomination and I did but it was too late, they already nominated” someone else, Diamondstone said. …

The national Socialist Party endorsed Sanders in his 1996 bid for Congress, but when the Socialist presidential ticket of Mary Cal Hollis and Eric Chester went to Vermont to campaign, they denounced Sanders and turned their backs on their own party’s endorsement of him.
“That was a big break in the Socialist Party,” Diamondstone remembered. “A big rift.” …
“The socialist party in Vermont is very weak and flimsy and none of those people support him,” Diamondstone concluded. “I don’t think that people who call themselves socialists and who stand for the withering away of the state and stand for a classless society, people who will talk about those things as the goal of our politics, I don’t know if any of those people support him. In Liberty Union there are revolutionary socialists and I don’t know one who supports him.”


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