Jul 29, 2015

Anti-Gun Group Tells Members to Call 911 If They See a Gun

By on Wednesday, July 29, 2015

 The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence wants to see law-abiding gun owners dead.
They have told their members to call 911 on ANYONE they see with a firearm whether it’s open or concealed carry.
We’ve already seen an instance where this has indeed gotten an innocent man killed. Apparently CSGV wants to see more law-abiding citizens killed.

From Bearing Arms:
There are variously levels of zealotry within the gun control movement, but the national group that is the most extreme and intent on causing physical harm to those who disagree with them is the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, or CSGV.
The CSGV holds the view that all handguns and “assault weapons” should be banned, that gun ownership should require licensing and registration.
That in and of itself isn’t that radical of an idea (when comparing CSGV to other gun control groups), but CSGV goes a dangerous step further, with a mission statement that labels those opposed to their ideas as insurrectionists, and treats gun owners as enemy combatants instead of fellow citizens.
 And of course they know their followers are complete morons so it gets them to in turn do the same thing:

These people are such hateful, intolerant, fearmongering hoplophobes that they are intentionally trying to get law-abiding people killed.
It’s happened before and it will happen again. Whoever is responsible for the SWATting needs to be arrested and held accountable.


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