Jul 6, 2015

An Interesting Look at Things from the Inside (28 pics )

By on Monday, July 06, 2015

Browning M2 belt-fed .50 BMG machinegun
Gun Silencer
CT Scanner
A Visa credit card
The asymmetric core of a high-end bowling ball.
Gas station underground storage
Cruise ship Enchantment of the Seas being lengthened 75′ by adding new midsection
World’s largest container ship
6 Inch Aerial Display Firework
Mechanical Calculator
Leopard I Tank
30mm AHEAD Shrapnel Shell
The Emperor’s Throne Room
Frag grenade
Patek Philippe watch
Lexus LFA 8-Speed Transmission
Chinese handgun Shanxi Type 17
WW1 British 18 pounder shrapnel shell and case. (375 lead balls per round)
Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber
Storm Trooper Helmet
Protector Palm Pistol
Electric Motorcycle
Mauser C96 Bolo pistol
M47 Dragon Anti-Tank Guided Missile Propulsion and Steering Section
Nissan GT-R
Russian 125mm tank gun ammunition
RAF jet engine
24 Hours of Le Mans Racecar
Deadmau5’s mau5 helmet
The A7L Apollo Spacesuit


  1. Any rational person turned away for whatever reason would simply give the owner a FU and taken their business elsewhere. But of course. we're not dealing with rational people or laws. They're only reason for making the fuss is both political and financial. I'm afraid all these over sensitive people are in for a rude awakening when TSHTF.

  2. It isn't one political party dependent on voter fraud, its both.

    They are white collar criminals, just about every one of the 535 elected "representatives", whose sole concern is their own personal gain, and nothing more.

  3. “I love Hillary Clinton..."- no good way to take this - investigative journalist have been culled from the ranks and jobs given to leggy airheads with a priori mindsets

  4. These polls being quoted are pure BS. I live in South Texas, last week I got a call from one of these polls. I was asked if I was in favor of the oil pipeline, when I stated I was not, the pollster said thank you for your time and was about to hang up. I asked him why he ended his survey and why when he didn't get his desired answer he ended the survey? To my surprise he admitted he had been instructed to end any survey if he did not get the results his boss wanted. Simple as that pollsters get what ever result they want to have quoted by the worthless media!

  5. I live in NH, and didn't realize Hillary was coming to the Granite State until she and her entourage and already left. No one here cares. Look at the sparse crowds- how many of those folks were hired as extras and bused in just to look good for the photo ops and fake "man in the street" encounters?

  6. Very nice looking ankle breaker!

  7. Hillary Clinton is not a viable candidate for the Democratic Party and if this party continues to support her as a frontrunner, then, this party is doomed!

  8. Ropes should have been used to lasso the cow.

  9. That meme doesn't "brilliantly demonstrate" anything.

  10. It demonstrates you're a twat.

  11. Good I hope it is a very very rude awakening, I am so tired of all the moaning and whining about EVERYTHING!

  12. Tyranny never tolerates free speech. This "judge" had better read a little history before he ORDERS that his promotion of tyranny remain untold.

    Free speech is under systemic attack by those who control this once fairly free country.

    Let me ask you what would happen if the bakers baked the cake but refused to deliver it into the actual ceremony; what would happen if the bakers refused to wear pink as they delivered the cake; what would happen if the bakers refused to deliver the cake naked; what would happen if the bakers refused to kiss the lesbians on the lips (face); you get my point.

    Tyranny has no logical end; they will force us to do anything we put up with; we end it by civil disobedience.