Jul 12, 2015

Abandoned amusement park that was run by an apocalypse cult in Benton Harbor, Michigan (40 Pics)

By on Sunday, July 12, 2015

Bridge between Zoo/Amusement Park and Hotel/Restaurant

Old amphitheater foundation

Bear cages
Train Bridge

Lion Cages
Apple cider press
In the old Lion Cages

Train car

Fountain and Hotel
What's left of it...

Kitchen of Restaurant

Roof of restaurant
This collapsed between the summer and winter visits

2nd Floor Hotel

Train Station

Restaurant Interior

Jerusalem Mansion
Shiloh Mansion
The few remaining members of the commune/proprietors of this park still live here.
Grave markers
Commune members were buried without anything but their number. It was thought that only sinners died.


  1. The ideas of the loony left actually originate from the Fascists- take virtues and spoil them to make them look as bad as their own tyranny. So many malleable minds out there.

  2. Some drunk must have got an epiphany after opening a can of sardines.

  3. '
    Awesome idea, Mom!

    Hope you make a million billion bucks with the idea!


  4. Better idea, make everyone stand up the entire time. They can pack them in real good then!