Jul 21, 2015

A Gun Shop Owner is Doing Something Obama Won’t do for the Military

By on Tuesday, July 21, 2015

 Outrage continues to grow over the murders of 5 Servicemen last week in Tennessee.
One very huge point that is making a lot of people angry is that military recruiting centers are ‘gun free zones’.
These are men and women who are trained in firearms yet they aren’t allowed to protect or defend themselves.
These are men and women who sign up to defend the country but aren’t allowed to defend themselves while IN this country?

Well some Americans have decided to step up and help those men and women be protected since the government has once again failed them.
And where the federal government fails, the local state government needs to step in and take over.
From the Concord Patch:
A Concord gun shop owner is making both a political statement this morning as well as attempting to protect those who choose to serve in the wake of the murder of four Marines in Tennessee.
Brian Blackden of Pepper Defense Supply in Penacook stood outside of the Armed Forces Career Center on Loudon Road on July 20, 2015, standing guard in case of a possible terrorist attack against the capital city’s local recruiting office. He said he was both making a political statement and actually doing what citizens of the United States should be doing – protecting those who protect Americans against enemies that are foreign or domestic. Blackden also called on Gov. Maggie Hassan, D-Exeter, to allow military personnel in the state to be armed.
“It’s to support the military and to let the governor know that she needs to take action, like at least two other governors have done, and let them have firearms, so they can protect our liberties,” he said.
Blackden added that he believed recruiting stations around the country as well as other “gun-free” zones like military bases and National Guard stations were “soft targets” for potential terrorists like Mohammod Abdulazeez who allegedly killed the Marines last week. He said the military needed to be armed against potential attacks like the one in Tennessee.

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