Jul 12, 2015

27 Different Everyday Things Cut In Half

By on Sunday, July 12, 2015

 30mm AHEAD Shrapnel Shell
Aerial Firework
A Plane Cutting The Clouds In Half
Bowling Ball
Browning M2 Belt-Fed .50 BMG Machine Gun
Various Cable Wires
Mechanical Calculator
Chinese Handgun Shanxi Type 17
Chrysocolla In Malachite
Container Ship
 Credit Card
CT Scanner
Frag Grenade
Hockey And Football Helmets
Leica Camera Lens
Leopard I Tank
Lexus LFA 8-Speed Transmission
Nissan GT-R
Various Padlocks
Protector Palm Pistol
Pyritized Ammonite
Russian 125mm Tank Gun Ammunition
Storm Trooper Helmet
A Tree With A Golf Ball Inside
Wine Bottle For A Magazine Cover
WWI British 18 Pounder Shrapnel Shell And Case
Raw Diamond


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