Jul 16, 2015

23 Then And Now Photos From ‘Back To The Future’ Locations (46 Pics)

By on Thursday, July 16, 2015

Now this is most definitely going to make you feel old… Did you realize that Back To The Future has just turned 30? Yep. You heard that right! Three decades have passed since the release of that first fantastic film that featured the eccentric and nutty Doc Brown and his time traveling teen buddy, Marty McFly. Since this film was so groundbreaking and iconic, we’ve decided to present you with 23 before and after photos from the filmset that are sure to spark fond memories of the movie while giving you a glimpse into their modern counterparts!


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  2. Let's see him try that in the East.

  3. Sadly this crap is everywhere now. Welcome to nation 'fundamentally transformed'.

  4. If we cant trust J EWs like educator Greenberg to inculcate us with White Guilt (Really white envy) Who can we trust?

  5. RJ O'GuilloryJuly 16, 2015 at 2:54 PM

    ..the man is a fucking idiot...

  6. "White privilege can lead to....people unaccustomed to taking orders."

    He let the cat out of the bag with that quote. "White privilege" is a code word for the middle class having a decent standard of life. That is what these idiots really hate. If they really cared about black people they would talk about "black deprivation" and go live in a black community to see if they could help out. People like Greenberg don't want to elevate black people, they want to tear down others to make people "take orders" from a collectivist state.

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  8. What if we all did just draw these lines with economics. That would be a color-blind way to address privilege and the lack thereof. Was that racist of me or racially insensitive of me to propose a non-racist way of looking at the exact same problem?

  9. kookooracharabiosoJuly 18, 2015 at 10:19 PM

    Most contemporary racism against Blacks in US can be attributed to their own militarization efforts to continually terrorize Whites through various crimes until Whites capitulate and let them have several southern states for a black only nation. Eldredge cleaver wrote of the political correctness of raping white women in his book "Soul On Ice" Which became mandatory college reading shortly after publication. (Some kinda black privilege, eh?)

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    So while whites have bent over, re-educated, self corrected, examined their conscience, had an evolution of consciousness - the minority groups have remained at war. They want reparations from the whites of today for what happened centuries ago. Not the same people. Much of what you write is correct but I think the J-word is actually Jesuit. At any rate - the Jews you can reach are the designated targets, not the perpetrators.

  10. kookooracharabiosoJuly 18, 2015 at 10:22 PM

    This guy is ignorant to the max. He needs to explore Black Privilege. If he's partial to words like "Xenophobia" he needs to examine the disease state of "Xenophilia. "

  11. kookooracharabiosoJuly 18, 2015 at 10:35 PM

    Actually many of us were lured here with the promise of opportunity governed objectively. Our ancestors willingly parted from their culture for the promise of opportunity for the children. The same pain of loss is felt by many people who supposedly have white privilege and were not forcibly removed from their homeland. (Except for the indentured servants. ) but I am finding the black community to have qualities observed in narcissists and two year olds. They always have an excuse for why their situation is worse or more important and they simply can't see or concede a micro-tidbit of another's truth. And they have endorsed having temper tantrums as a legitimate tool against oppression because supposedly it's the only way they get heard.

  12. When I say Jews I am talking of those under the Elders of Zion and not those in Palestine.