Jul 21, 2015

$15 Minimum Wage Isn’t Good for Businesses – Big or Small

By on Tuesday, July 21, 2015

 I have been saying this since the first whisper of legislation here in Seattle to pass a $15 an hour minimum wage was brought up. Minimum wage hurts business, it closes doors and hurts the economy.
This affects business of any size- small and large. McDonald’s is now reporting losses at level never seen before, an all-time low for the fast food giant.
I know I am not alone in my thinking. Conservatives all over my state and country are saying that same thing.
Even though there are increasing piles of evidence verifying this fact, moonbat lefties are still pushing for minimum wage hikes all over the country, seemingly oblivious to the fact that raising minimum wage will spike the cost of living, putting folks right back in the same situation they were in before. This solves absolutely nothing.
According to Young Conservatives, The Golden Arches are looking a little less shiny this year and McDonald’s franchise owners see hard times coming. This time it has nothing to do with the raging national debate over whether or not the McRib is awesome or awful, however. The vast majority of their fast food outlets are not owned by the corporation, but by franchise operators. Those entrepreneurs are regularly polled about their outlook for the coming year and most of them aren’t putting on their happy faces. (From CNBC)
Just when you thought it couldn’t get much worse for McDonald’s, it did.
The six-month outlook for franchisees is at an all-time low, according to a small survey by Mark Kalinowski, a long-time restaurant industry analyst. (Tweet this).
Some 29 franchisees, who collectively own and operate 208 McDonald’s restaurants in the United States, were asked to give their six-month forecast from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent). The average response was 1.69, the lowest in the survey’s 12-year history.
Previously, the lowest rating was 1.81, which was recorded three months ago.
“My numbers are not good due to new competitors,” one franchisee said. “Overall, sales are still in a slump and I don’t see much to get excited about in 2015.”
Another respondent said, “At least half of the operators in my region are on [the] verge of collapse. With minimum wage for fast food workers potentially increasing to incredibly high levels, we are facing a crisis situation.”
Here is how business works, kiddos:
Businesses require money to run. Like, lights, supplies, and people. You make money by offering goods or services to people that they want/need. You find a way to provide that at a reasonable cost to people while making money and you have a customer base. The ‘extra’ that is made is called profit.

Everyone needs profit to live on. We have the same bills at home that you have at work. Even franchise owners need money to go to the grocery store. They have worked to earn a higher income and buy a McDonald’s. They are etitled to more. The wage hike only takes from the bottom line of the people trying to provide jobs.
This is helping no one. Least of all, the economy.
I don’t think that we have a prayer of getting any of this through a moonbat’s brain, but hey, I guess as long as we are all dreaming big, we can add this one to the list too.
Written by Katie McGuire. 


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