Jun 22, 2015

Twitter trolls pummeled for N-word hypocrisy — a word they use every day, and not the way Obama did

By on Monday, June 22, 2015

Twitter users on Monday shifted rapidly from discussing Dylann Roof’s racist rampage in Charleston to chattering amongst themselves about President Obama using the N-word during a podcast with Marc Maron.
Opinions varied with some saying it made sense in the context of talking about racial hatred in America, while others — once again — lamented the fact that white people are not allowed to use a word they feel black people use indiscriminately.
Fox News host Todd Starnes whipped up a frothy rage, tweeting, “You, sir, have disgraced the office of the presidency,” while National Review editor Jonah Goldberg asserted “Can’t really get onboard the outrage bandwagon about Obama using N-word in the context he did.”
And there was mocking of both sides.
A few tweets below:

This one may be the best:


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