Jun 15, 2015

Twitter Tears Jeb Bush And His New 2016 Campaign Logo To Pieces (IMAGES)

By on Monday, June 15, 2015

Jeb Bush released his 2016 campaign logo via Twitter on Sunday, giving audiences a sneak peek just ahead of his official announcement, declaring once and for all that he is, indeed, running for President of the United States.
It was a foregone conclusion, really. Jeb has been running for quite some time now, he just didn’t want to formally announce. Had Jeb done so sooner, he would have had to disclose, by law, all the sources making secret donations to his campaign. Announcing later in the race, it seems, has certain advantages, as it allows candidates to avoid a number of campaign finance laws.
But, enough about the reason why Jeb is just now announcing. That’s not news here.  What is news is the design of his official logo and its symbolic relevance to his campaign’s message.
Upon releasing the new logo on Twitter, users immediately responded in a flurry, detailing their thoughts. In fact, one of the first things people noticed is that the logo isn’t very new; in fact it isn’t new at all. It’s the same logo he has used in every single campaign of every election he has run in, just with 2016 slapped on it.

First things first. Using the same logo isn’t exactly the best way to show voters that you’re the candidate of change. You’re doing everything in your power to distance yourself from your brother and his policies of yesterday, but this is your way of symbolizing this to voters? If you can’t even get your own campaign logo on point, there might be a problem. But, with that said, Jeb probably has bigger problems than his visual depictions of himself. He had to make a series of trips overseas just ahead of his announcement to even show that he had some type of foreign policy track record. Maybe Jeb isn’t spending any time on his logo because he knows that’s the least of his worries.
There’s another thing people noticed; it conveniently leaves off his last name of Bush.

A number of jokes were made regarding the exclamation point, no doubt designed to initiate excitement. Jeb must be thinking to himself, “Hey, it worked in the past for crying out loud, why not now?”
It wasn’t just Twitter users and internet trolls going after Mr. Bush, either. The Washinton Post took the liberty of poking fun at the logo in a new article of theirs entitled:

On the eve of a presidential run, Jeb Bush becomes just ‘Jeb!’

So, why is Jeb not comfortable posting his last name anywhere? Is he trying to signal to voters that he is nothing like his brother or father? In that case, maybe breaking from the name Bush would be understandable. But, there’s a problem with that. That would be a straight-out lie. Most of his foreign policy advisers are the same as his brother. He’s even said that his dear brother, George W., was his most senior adviser.
If the youngest Bush in the family decides to change his mind on the logo, a few suggestions were made that could quite possibly save him and his design team some time the next go around.

Looks like the man just can’t catch a break. Being a Bush would be so much easier if your father and brother hadn’t messed up the country so bad, before your first campaign for President was even officially launched.
But hey, that’s what family’s for.


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