Jun 17, 2015

This Meme Puts a HILARIOUS Spin on the ‘Transracial’ Movement Launched by Rachel Dolezal

By on Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Thanks to political correctness and the insane ideas inherent in progressive ideology, it’s now becoming more and more acceptable to “self-identify” as any race or sex — and soon any item in creation — that your little heart desires.

Isn’t that awesome? We can now LITERALLY be anything we want to be! …
It’s only fair that if we’re allowed to self-identify as black, we’re able to take advantage of the same perks that minorities are allowed to have, right?
Then perhaps the left needs to come out and say that a white person saying they’re black is crazy. Oh, they can’t do that because then they’d look like hypocrites for supporting a man self-identifying as a woman?

Well, now. That’s quite a pickle isn’t it?


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