Jun 13, 2015

The BEST “Black Lives Matter” Billboard EVER!

By on Saturday, June 13, 2015

This billboard tells the truth! Most black violence is committed against other blacks, so if black lives really mattered more focus would be put on solving the REAL problem!
Via The Blaze:
“Black lives matter. So let’s quit killing each other.”

One man feels so strongly about that message that he put it in big bold letters on a Memphis, Tennessee, billboard, just steps from where he goes to work everyday.
“We’re going to have to wake up. We’re going to have to say to ourselves that black lives matter, and we’re going to have to refrain from killing each other out of our own frustration,” civil rights activist Fred Davis told WMC-TV.
The sign was put up at Airways Boulevard and Park Avenue southeast of downtown. Davis said he wanted to get the message across to people because he was a part of the history.
“I think that gives me a license as an experienced observer to push and to advocate to the black community – let’s stop it,” Davis added.

Watch this special report:
Do you agree with the message on the billboard?



  2. I didn't know that all black men are murderers. Or rather, I didn't know that you think that all black men are murderers. Thanks for enlightening us, racist.

  3. WHITE lives don't matter?

  4. twice as many whites are killed by police as blacks, so their chant of "Black lives matter" implies that white lives don't.

    It's really a moot point. It's all part of the Zionist's divide and conquer strategy to keep Americans fighting each other, instead of recognizing their common, and real enemy. The chant is shouted and displayed by useful idiots who haven't been able to see through the manipulations of modern propaganda.

    Stupid lives don't matter to either side, so keep screaming about your race like an idiot. You'll be easier to identify as one of the morons.

  5. filthy Zionists crime matters... against blacks, browns, yellows, reds and yes, whites

  6. I'm sure the miscreants by the thousands will just pause for a moment, shed a tear, turn in their guns and glory glory ... find the Lord and each other Hahahahaha!

    C'mon man!! What a cartoon society!

  7. I don't agree. Black lives don't matter. Never have and probably never will. What contributions to humanity have black people ever made? And as technology advances there will be even less requirement for people only really capable of low level manual labour.

  8. They really show off with that badge and gun. Even the females

  9. The billboard should have read: "Lives matter. So let’s quit killing each other.”
    Less controversial, more all-encompassing.