Jun 16, 2015

Poll Reveals What Majority of Voters Want in 2016

By on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

 Every political pundit is now looking into his crystal ball and trying to figure out what the 2016 race for President will look like.
Generally speaking, polls at this early stage in the contest mean absolutely nothing – things will change hundreds of times between now and November 2016.
But, there is one new poll out that doesn’t look at particular candidates, but is instead polling the American people as to what they want in a President once Mr. Obama heads out to the golf course full time.

The results are revealing as One News Now reports:
According to the Barna Group, American adults consider three top factors when deciding who they want sitting in the Oval Office, come January 2017.
“Out in front are candidates’ stances on the key issues, which 71 percent of Americans say they will pay close attention to,” Barna researchers report. “A distant second on voters’ radar is the character of candidates, deemed critical by 41 percent of adults. The third most common consideration is a candidate’s political experience, listed by 22 percent.”
Playing the part, how many credentials hang above candidates’ desks and looking presidential have little to do with what Americans are looking for in their next commander-in-chief.
“At least one out of 10 adults also indicates that the party affiliation of the candidate (15 percent), their educational achievement (11 percent) or personality (10 percent) will be an important factor,” the study found. “The least-significant components in voters’ decision-making include the religious faith of the candidates (9 percent), their speaking ability (5 percent), age (2 percent), endorsements (2 percent) and physical appearance (1 percent).”
Perhaps these results are good news for America considering far too many in the voting public knew nothing about candidate Barack Obama in the 2008 election. 
His “Hope and Change” slogan told absolutely nothing about where he stood on most issues.  And, far too many voters got caught up in the “historic” nature of his potential Presidency to really care where he stood on issues. 
He made a desired visual image and they went with it.
If the American voting public is now paying attention to issues, and also character, then maybe the quality of the 2016 choice for President will be far superior and far more beneficial to the country.
One News Now gives more details:
Barna found that different age groups have different expectations when it comes to choosing a new president.
“Millennials (ages 18 to 30) place comparatively greater weight on factors such as education (19 percent) and personality (18 percent), and relatively less importance on party affiliation (11 percent),” Barna divulged.
“Gen-Xers (31 to 49) are very close to the national norms on each attribute Barna evaluated.
Boomers (50 to 68) are more likely than average to highlight character (45 percent) and stances on issues (76 percent). Elders (69 and older) place greater emphasis than any of the other age groups on party affiliation (23 percent), political experience (27 percent) and positions on key issues (78 percent), and show less interest in a candidate’s education (6 percent) and personality (4 percent).”
These statistics are to be expected. 
The younger voters are far more to be swayed by image and rhetoric due to their devotion to social media outlets. 
The Obama Administration has worked social media like no other President to manipulate facts to get their agenda pushed forward.
The oldest voters also are much more controlled by Party affiliation than other groups. 
Many older voters have been taught to vote “straight party ticket” for decades.  They often don’t look beyond the letter behind a candidate’s name.
Barna also identified the most important issues to religious conservatives as One News Now explains:
“[E]vangelicals rank religious freedom at the top of their list (67 percent), along with the economy (69 percent),” the survey results showed. “Abortion is not far behind (64 percent). Environmental issues, on the other hand, barely register for them (16 percent).”
Given all of the recent assaults on Christian businesses and institutions by the radical atheists and gay groups, these results are also to be expected. 
The Christian faith is under assault in America. 
Christians want a President who will support their 1st Amendment Freedom of Religion, not a petty, scolding, liberation theologist.

So, what is the bottom line for all voters heading up to 2016?  Barna summarized and One News Now tells it:
After identifying the importance of eight issues to voters when making their presidential selections, Barna discovered that two resonate most with Americans.
“By a substantial margin, the economy remains the issue of concern to the greatest number of adults, with three out of four listing it as an issue that would have ‘a lot’ of influence on their candidate selection (76 percent),” the statistics show. “The only other issue named by at least half of the respondents is health care, said to have a lot of importance to two-thirds of adults (65 percent).”
So, there it is – the two most important issues the people of America want to hear about from their Presidential candidates are jobs and healthcare. 
Obviously, President Obama has done a lousy job with both, or Americans wouldn’t be so concerned about them for the future.


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