Jun 15, 2015

Dallas Armored Vehicle Gunman Was A Gubmint’-Hating Obama-Bashing ‘Patriot’ (SCREENSHOTS)

By on Monday, June 15, 2015

James Boulware, the man killed by Dallas police Saturday morning after he attacked them with gunfire and an armored assault vehicle, wasn’t exactly what right-wingers expected. From the start of the incident, Twitter exploded with assumptions that it was some kind of Black Panther-, Al Sharpton-inspired siege in support of the #blacklivesmatter movement.
That or a Muslim terrorist doing what the right thinks all Muslims do.
The truth is going to hurt. Boulware wasn’t a Muslim terrorist; he wasn’t a “thug” supporting Michael Brown. It wasn’t Obama’s fault.

James Boulware was an extremely disturbed individual locked in a 10-year custody battle. He was a dangerous man who had threatened churches and schools, calling them “soft targets.” He was most likely mentally ill, and he was armed. To the teeth.

If you listen to Boulware’s father, the police and government agencies had pushed his poor misunderstood son over the brink by taking his child away. If you listen to the truth, he was a violent domestic abuser who had no business having a wife and kids to begin with.
Boulware threatened the judge in his case multiple times, and his own relatives were afraid of him. The real question here should be, why was James Boulware allowed to have a gun to begin with?
This is the point when the conservative blogosphere goes silent, or starts calling Boulware’s attack an “isolated incident.” Considering the right spawns people like Jerad and Amanda Miller, Jon Ritzheimer and Dick Cheney, just how isolated are these incidents?
One thing is certain: Those taking to Twitter Saturday morning to automatically condemn all black people, Muslims, and President Obama for the actions of one of their own will be dining on crow this evening.

Right-wingers on Twitter condemn Muslims, black people and President Obama before the identity of the gunman was known.

 The right is so eager to blame the President for anything they can. Unfortunately they jumped the gun a bit.

If it’s not Obama it must be the black people, or Muslims. Since the President is supportive of Americans of all races and any religion whose majority preaches peace, he’s probably still guilty by default.
Will these people now turn the tides on the attack in Dallas and call it justified? Will Boulware become a conservative hero who was just standing up for his rights against an oppressive government?
Either way it’s not a good day for the right.


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