Jun 13, 2015

Behind the Unassuming Windows of a Building Abandoned for Decades, a Family Made an AMAZING Discovery (114 Pics)

By on Saturday, June 13, 2015

Behind the dusty windows of this old, deserted building lies an unlikely treasure trove of vintage fashion — untouched for seventy years.

Redditor Oktober75 had heard family rumors that a building owned by his grandparents housed a vintage shoe store on the first floor.

No one had been inside for decades, so he and his family decided to take a look.
And what they found was nothing short of incredible…
A huge, floor-to-ceiling collection of shoes!

So. Many. Shoes.

The store, which was run by Oktober75’s great grandmother until she became too ill to continue, never reopened after its official closure. No one in the family is sure why, but Oktober75 told Reddit perhaps it wasn’t worth it:
I have no idea how profitable it was, perhaps that was a factor. My grandparents were known for hoarding. My guess is they went with the mentality, ‘it will be worth something one day’.


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