May 24, 2015

True beauty of ancient land Yemen (55 Pics)

By on Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sana'a: the capital.

Old Sana'a neighbourhood.
This part of the world is one of earliest civilization to use vertical construction, in other words skyscrapers.
Old Sana'a at night.
Yemenis love to traditionally sit in these large rooms close to the floor.
Detwa Lagoon, Socotra Island
Di Hamra Coral Beach, Socotra Island.
Colorful chameleon, Socotra Island.
Wide shot of the main valley on the island of Socotra.
Dragon Trees, Socotra Island.
The Island sits geographically isolated in the Indian ocean and has been that for millions of years. This natural isolation has allowed the Island region to maintain beautiful, exotic, and yet strange looking plant and animal life.

View of the surrounding ocean, Socotra Island.
A stream that carved its way through the rocks over time, Socotra Island.
An alien-looking silhouette at dusk, Socotra Island.
Dragon trees in the mist, Socotra Island.
The island is home to some beautiful caves as well.
Mostly untouched and ancient beaches.
White as snow from the erosion of coral over long periods of time.
The mountains are fairly lush from the constant fog and relatively high precipitation.
This photo somehow depicts the feeling of remoteness on the island
The valley of Ibb.
Ibb, Yemen.

Ibb is filled with several streams and wadis.
Terraces made out of the mountains are a common site in Yemen and Southern Oman

Yemen is a very ancient land, considered the cradle of Arabia.
The Arabic language and the Arab/Bedouin identity all find its roots here.

It is in the region known as Southern Arabia, or Arabia Felix.
Small high-rise village has weird ring to it, no?
Archaeologists consider this region the land to be the actual geographical location of Sheba.
Jibla, Yemen.
The Haraz mountains.
Shibam, Hadramaut
A small mosque on top of what looks to be a gian boulder-like formation.
The Haraz Mountains.
Hadramaut, Yemen.
Wadi Doan, Hadramaut.
Bani Matar, Yemen.
Makaleh, Yemen.
A winding roadway.
Jabal (Mount) Saber, Ta'izz.
Rasisa Hudidah.
Traditional Yemeni woven baskets.
Traditional Yemeni daggers known as Jambiyah.
The knives are worn by most adult men as a kind of status symbol.
Spices for sale.
Traditional Yemeni architecture boasts fascinating details, like this light vent on a ceiling.
A colorful door.
Close-up details of a traditional Yemeni door.
The ceiling of Al Saleh Mosque.
Handcrafts at a market.
Yemeni farmers.
The wizard-looking protects them from the rays of the sun.

Colorful night market scene.
And a badass photo of an elderly knife salesman.


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