Apr 16, 2015

Can You Solve This Problem From A Kid's Math Test?

By on Thursday, April 16, 2015

Who is ready to feel really, really dumb?
Are you a genius?
 The above math problem went viral today after Singapore TV personality Kennethjianwen posted it to his Facebook page with the comment, "This question causes a debate with my wife."

I could see that. Debates like, "Why does my husband insist on making me feel stupid," and "I thought married life would be better than this."

In the math problem, Cheryl, the wily minx, tells Albert what month her birthday is (May, June, July, or August) but not the day's number (the 14th - 19th), and she tells Barnard the number, but not the month. It's like Tinder hoop-jumping for Singaporean teens.

Apparently, this is a standard question given to section-3 students, the Singaporean equivalent to freshmen students in America. The fact that this difficult question is being posed to children makes sense when you consider that Singapore is often found at the top of international math rankings.

Are you smarter than a child from Singapore?

No, you're not.

As an adult (kinda), I couldn't be bothered to think about the question for more than 30 seconds before jumping ahead to read the solution. I already passed 9th grade and I hate feeling stupid. I don't need this shit.

When you're ready to give up on yourself too, go ahead and check out the answer. 


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