Feb 7, 2015

Life in Your Twenties Summed Up Perfectly (25 pics)

By on Saturday, February 07, 2015

These pictures explain what your twenties is really all about.

Your twenties are this Snapchat:
They’re this blizzard preparation:

And this firefighter:

They’re this workout routine:
And this healthy diet:
They’re about realizing why things go wrong:

And trying your best to make something beautiful:

And fixing your past mistakes:

Your twenties are this text message:

They’re this YouTube caption:

This baby:

And this cheesecake disaster:

They’re about doing the things that make you comfortable:

They’re about problem solving:

And they’re about putting all those years of schooling to work:

Your twenties are about staring your goals right in the eye:

And about realizing some may not be possible:

And they’re about relishing those tiny victories:

Your twenties are about letting loose every now and then:

They’re about trying to come up with that next big idea:

And about finding solutions that WORK:

About being resourceful:

And finding friends who are there for you in any situation:

But mostly they’re just this sign:


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