Dec 5, 2014

One Man In New York City Is Giving The Homeless Free Shoes (8 pics)

By on Friday, December 05, 2014

Andre McDonnell works at a retail store called Atrium. He sells clothing during the day but in his off time he goes around the city giving donated sneakers to the homeless in order to help them feel more comfortable.  


  1. Beautiful Pictures! And the colorization done to them seems so natural and perfect. My parents got married in 1942 so I've seen many pictures from the 1940's taken in glorious black and white with a Kodak Brownie camera variant. I've scanned and digitized them but of course they are still in black and white. Photoshop is not yet able to colorize them in any acceptable way. Thank you for putting this beautiful gallery on lone

  2. The alien isn't in EVERY episode ;)