Nov 8, 2014

Fascinating and Intriguing Photos from around the World (37 pics)

By on Saturday, November 08, 2014

Akon protecting himself against Ebola
N.W.A Reunited For First Time in 25 Years
The Toyota FT1 Looks like a spaceship among normal people
Warsaw offices
You need an alcohol license in Dubai

Winter in Japan

This store has a “test ramp” so you can try out your safety boots on different surfaces
Dressing Room mirror allows you to adjust the lighting … type and brightness.
Local work-wear store has a -20C freezing chamber in which to test winter gear.
This toilet at a Dutch Supermarket lets you test the brands of toilet paper they sell
Google Streetview Camel (Yes, it’s real)
Apache Helicopter
The Vermont Gubernatorial debate looked like an SNL skit
Jackie Chan sharing about his first experience working with Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon.

Mexican bicyclist Mayra Rocha
Alexa Grasso..Unbeaten Mexican MMA fighter
This dedicated school teacher swims through a river everyday to reach to his students in India
The Four Stages of a Louisville Slugger
Pablo Picasso painted this when he was 15 years old
Belgium’s new Minister of Health…
Anti-poaching team protecting a Northern White Rhino in Kenya
A collection of used prison shanks from the local penitentiary
The Simpsons’ Springfield illustrated as a deadbeat town by Tim Doyle


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