Oct 12, 2014

Life 25 years ago

By on Sunday, October 12, 2014

Tragedy for this man. After spending hours in the line, expensively purchased bottle of liquor is lost

Soviet reality: sad face and empty shelves

Bread kiosk in soviet Armenia

Store with an ironic name 'Dream'

In the shoe section

Semi-bare bones is not a bad catch for this guy
Casually waiting for customers in the Soviet Estonia
Milk shop
Beverage section
The choice of goods in the meat section
Market in Vilnius, Lithuania. March of 1990
People in Vilnius waiting in line to buy vodka. March of 1990
Jarred goods
Fish assortment
Toy cosmonauts
In the last years of existence of USSR there was a shortage of vodka. It was only sold with certified talons and only if the ID was provided
Lonely jars of juice waiting to be bought
Line by the shop

In the line for vodka
Another line by the bread shop
The assortment was comparable to the aftermath of black friday
Lucky guy - toilet paper was a deficit good
'Do not touch!'
Women inspecting underwear
Food was always wrapped in brown paper
Shop that has recently had a delivery of butter


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