Sep 1, 2014

DIY Volkswagen Ferrari (54 Pics)

By on Monday, September 01, 2014

Kelmark Engineering used to make these body kits back in the 70's. My friend had one, but it was just rotting in his garage for about 15 years. I had just finished school, and I had nothing to do, so I bought it.
This thing was pretty rough when I got it. The wheels didn't even turn. And it had these shitty fake Ferrari emblems that look like children's drawings.

Anyone who's ever owned an aircooled VW will instantly recognize this engine. That's a 1969 VW bug engine and chassis underneath a fiberglass body.

It didn't look like it would run

So first thing we did was change the oil, and put in new plugs. We did eventually get this thing started, but it ran like shit.
The carb had 15 year old gas and gunk in it

I had never really done this before, and I didn't have the proper shop supplies I wanted. I should have soaked this in a solvent for a day or so. I learned a lot along the way
New gasket set.
You ever take something apart so far that you worry it will never get back together again?
The internet is your friend.

Ran much better. Could use improvement, but I was happy.
The starter was notorious for not shutting off when asked. You could crank the engine, and then pull out the key and the damn thing would keep cranking. You would have to run out and pull the negative terminal to get it to stop. I tried bench testing it and it always shut off properly. Couldn't figure it out.

This is the brake fluid reservoir. You have no idea how inconvenient this is. This is way under the dash, and it's impossibly awkward. I can't even tell when it's full. I had to use a mirror to see what was in there.


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