Aug 10, 2014

The Future Is Now (22 pics)

By on Sunday, August 10, 2014

Current innovations that are already in use.

Smart glass that obscures the bathroom when you lock it:
A wheelchair that can go upstairs:

This ice cream app:

This garbage can:

This clock that writes the time for you:

This drone camera that follows you wherever you go:

This Harry Potter-esque ad:

An app that translates words in real time:
This zipper design that won’t let you down:
This tree-removal device:
Sand being controlled by sound:
This table:
A portable, single-line printer:
This camera balancer:
This ruler that automatically measures angles, etc.:
Invisible glass putty:
This man’s juggling prowess:
This beer drone:
The reaction this liquid has to the man on the right’s chemical-treated clothing:

This progression:
ust keep this in mind. 1994 vs. 2014:
This fan that runs off the heat of your hand:


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