Aug 5, 2014

Heartwarming recovery of 16 weeks premature baby

By on Tuesday, August 05, 2014

After a challenging few days Edie was born. We abandoned a camping holiday 2 hours after setting up the tent and rushed to the hospital. Our booking hospital (East Surrey) made a brave call to transfer us to St. Peter's in Chertsey to give our baby the best chance. Edie arrived just a day later weighing 570 grams and at 23 weeks + six days gestation. A consultant tells us she has just 5 to 10% chance of survival, given her extreme prematurity and extremely low birth weight. We get to see Edie for just a few seconds after she is born before the staff of the Neontal Intensive Care Unit stabilise her and whisk her away.
Time feels like it is in slow-motion. Just a single day has passed, but it feels like a week. Edie's skin is already maturing, but is very sticky to the touch. Her incubator is kept at 80-90% humidity to help her retain fluid


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