Aug 18, 2014

Disabled animals enjoying the sunshine and summertime (31 Pics)

By on Monday, August 18, 2014

Home for Life's animals enjoying the best time of the year, summer. With swimming, rolling in the meadows and being generally adorable.
Candy the cockatoo enjoys having free reign of the entire Home for Life site. The cats and dogs are used to her presence, and don't give her trouble.

This is Toni, a paraplegic dog who was rescued from Iran. We don't know much about her life before she came to the sanctuary, only that she had her ears cut off and sustained severe injuries to her back half, most likely from being hit by a car.

Candy the cockatoo was once a stressed, neglected bird who pulled out all her plumage. After receiving better care and attention, she has grown her lovely feathers back.

Tiger is a wonderfully patient and loving dog. He came from a family where he was so severely malnourished that his bones did not grow properly. After coming to Home for Life, and undergoing many correctional surgeries, he's living life to the fullest.

He gives back to the community by participating in the Renaissance Project, a program pairing dogs with at-risk teens who learn how to properly care for and train dogs, promoting positive disciplinary practices.

Polar enjoying a fresh haircut and hangtime on the Cattery hammocks.


Celeste is blind and has feline Leukemia. Found as a stray, she has quickly warmed up to people, and now works as a therapy pet for children who have escaped domestic violence situations.

As you can see, she gives hugs and snuggles whenever she feels someone pick her up.

Home for Life sanctuary
Here is a view of the many buildings and townhomes that make up Home for Life, as well as the surrounding meadow areas where the animals play.
Another gorgeous, feline Leukemia positive cat enjoying the Leukemia wing of the catteries.

Cats who would usually be euthanized due to their condition can actually live a very full life with proper medical care. Many cats live to a full age. Home for Life does have separate buildings for the cats with Feline Leukemia to prevent the spread of the disease.

Indi enjoys swimming in the Apple River, which runs through the Home for Life sanctuary. Being paralyzed, the water is a great way for her to exercise and stretch her muscles.

Sammy is a sweet old soul. His favorite thing to do is visit the elderly in nursing homes. He isn't much for playing, but loves to snuggle up on peoples' laps.

Nike is a gorgeous Husky. Smart and friendly, she has a spinal defect that makes controlling her back legs difficult. She was taken in by a wonderful family who tried their best to work with her disability, but due to her incontinence were not able to keep her.

She now lives at Home for Life where she receives round the clock care for her condition, and full access to the outdoors whenever she needs to go outside.

Her family still comes to visit.

I just love his goofy face. Otto was found trapped in a window well, and was deemed "unadoptable" because he had never been properly house-trained, and was very high energy. At Home for Life, he has 24 hour access to the doggie runs attached to his townhome, and can run whenever he pleases.

Audrey Hepburn
Audrey Hepburn is a spunky paraplegic Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. After breaking her back, her owners were afraid they could not provide the constant care she deserved to live out the rest of her life in comfort.

At Home for Life, she receives proper medical attention and even got her certification as a therapy dog. She visits the poly-trauma unit at the local hospital, and is a favorite among the staff.
A couple of kitties relaxing in the cattery.


Gorgeous dog! I just have to share her photo again because of her striking eyes. Meesha was given to Home for Life due to a condition that caused her to constantly "leak," and her family was not able to keep their home sanitary enough for their children.

Meesha now lives happily at Home for Life where she receives excellent care from a 24 hour staff.

Flurry is a gorgeous Australian shepherd who was abandoned on a country road. Flurry is blind and hard of hearing, but with a pack of companions to guide him by scent, he can still run and enjoy the meadows of Home for Life.

Gianna is a lovely little greyhound whose owner didn't have the money to pay for vet bills when Gianna's leg was broken. She was abandoned, and eventually made her way to Home for Life. She has made a full recovery, and now spends her days sprinting outside.

August loves being no where better than outside, enjoying the sunshine and plants.
This little guy was found tied to the gates of Home for Life. He is blind, his fur was terribly matted and his nails were overgrown. After some TLC, he has stopped shaking and enjoys the hugs and affection he receives from volunteers. His blindness doesn't stop him from running and playing with other dogs his size.
Such a pretty pup!
The volunteers often take dogs to swim in the river on hot days. It's just hard getting them to all look at the camera.

Ben is partially blind and has seizures after receiving kicks and blows from a group of kids. After being transported to a safe environment, he isn't afraid to go exploring and enjoys his time in the meadows.

Cally and Sunshine
Cally and Sunshine, both feline Leukemia positive, snuggle together as they have their photos taken.

August is one of the more adventurous cats, enjoying the outdoors more than a padded pillow.
A striking Tom.

Pari is a recent rescue from Iran. A beautiful girl, she was found wandering the streets with a severe limp and a large growth on her side. She received surgery to remove the lump, and now lives a carefree life.

Yeah, she's pretty relaxed here.
A pack of dogs enjoying their outdoor play area.

Ashley the wheelie dog came to Home for Life after being attacked by a man who stomped on her for "trespassing" on his land. Home for Life gave her a wheelchair so she can get around more easily, and she receives daily massages to ease her sore back muscles.

Here she is with her best friend and two of the Home for Life volunteers.

Anook is a sweet chow chow who was abandoned when his family left town suddenly, and found wandering as a stray. He had a painful condition where his eyelids turned inwards, causing the eyelashes to scrape on his eyes. After corrective surgery, he can now see and is pain free.

Here he is sporting his summer haircut.
The animals at Home for Life receive lots of love and affection from the volunteers at the sanctuary. 


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