Jul 27, 2014

Thanks to the Internet We Now Know This… (41 pics )

By on Sunday, July 27, 2014

This rhino lover.
The worst sibling ever.

See also:

The wink.
This interviewer.

Pure joy.

People actually ninja-ambushing their friends.

This guy making the best of a bad situation.
This elephant.

This hockey player.

Anyone willing to teach their friends.

People who are sick of media attention.
The most unfortunate injury in the history of athletics.
Anyone who’s used this GIF when chatting about their love life online.
This kiss.

The fact that we have all been this boy.
And this boy.

Anyone balancing a baby.


More parenting.

And that is the internet. A place that satisfies all your hopes and dreams.

The duck that refused medical treatment.

People who speak the truth.

This guy’s status update.


Anyone who doesn’t let the rain disturb their sleep.

This Tumblr user absolutely nailing Andy and April.
This plaque.

The fact that there’s never a bad time for a dad joke.
This James Joyce fan.

West Yorkshire police.

This Facebook fail.

Mario being rude.

Anyone who plays this prank.

The fact you can stumble on Hunter S Thompson’s daily routine.
Anyone getting a bit of peace from their pets.
The fact someone’s mum did this.

The worst/best Disney fanfic of all time.


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