Jul 15, 2014

Stuff You’ll Only See in the Philippines (23 pics)

By on Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Soda in a plastic bag:
The game Tumbang Preso:
For those that don’t know, Tumbang Preso is a game usually involving a milk can or bottle of some kind. There’s one guard and then the other players will try to knock over the can with their pamatos (usually a rock or shoe). If a player is tagged when trying to recover their pamato, they become IT.

This perfect candy treat for the full of shit person in all of our lives:

This road sign:
And this truck:
These consolation prizes:
This Wi-Pie to go:
This boy carrying this dog through flood waters:
This gathering of friends in the aftermath of heavy rains because Filipinos have the most fun:
And this wedding kiss during a heavy rain:
This colorful Jeepney:
These guys selling ice cream IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN:
And this guy selling FRESH COCONUT JUICE:
This snowman:

And this pink cat GrabTaxi:

This food cart:

And purple yam jam:

The sweet tofu snack, called Taho:

This husband day care center:

Views like this:

And breathtaking sunsets like this:

This dog going for a ride:


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