Jul 27, 2014

Real Random Stuff That You’ve Probably Never Heard About (23 pics)

By on Sunday, July 27, 2014

Extreme Ironing

A vast gallery of Asian girls licking doorknobs.
Girls wearing cheese as dresses and posing in front of cars.
Cat armor
NERF shoes with slots for extra ammo
Facebook page for poorly taxadermied foxes 
Facebook page for low-res pictures of Nigel Farage

website that picks a Jarule song for you based on your mood.

An app that changes words in your browser to other words (great for pranks). 
A Kickstarter for Potato Salad.
A subreddit about John Cena where all the pictures are of potato salad.

A McDonald's website for its black customers. 
website where a nice old woman tells you the weather. 
website showcasing a blue box.

bikini top with nipples on it. 
An oil rig pool.
A fetish for Gone-Wild comments on beautiful pictures of nature.
Facebook page for handsome black men drinking coffee or tea with strong eye contact 
Fake update screens to prank your  


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