Jun 15, 2014

The Most Authentically Hipster Things Ever to Have Occured (21 pics)

By on Sunday, June 15, 2014

This guy riding his camel down the street:

This girl spinning yarn in the waiting room of a BMW service center:
This girl fiercely defending the fact that she’s a hipster:
This guy using a spyglass to check out the scenery:
Everything about this guy:
And these guys:
Paying $98 for this stump:
This guy using a “seeing-eye person” so he can text while he walks:
Collecting an entire deck’s worth of PBR caps:
This department at Walmart:
This guy’s 2 x 4 skateboard:
This guy listening to records at a bar in London:
This velocipede parked outside an Apple store:
Getting a pair of converse permanently tattooed onto your feet:
This guy’s rotary selfie:
This guy wearing tiny stocking caps on his ears:
Going to a party and hanging out on the fridge:
This guy listing his “Hipster iPad” on Craigslist:
This guy who will write you a poem on his vintage typewriter:
And this guy defending the entire hipster scene:
This rustic shovel USB drive:
And of course, Judy Funnie:


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