May 15, 2014

The Most Well-Known Heists and Raids in All of History (25 pics)

By on Thursday, May 15, 2014

Lufthansa Heist 1978 $6 Million
The Great Train Robbery 1963 2.6 Million Euro
Dunbar Armored Facility Robbery 1997 $18 Million
Drumlanrig Castle Robbery 2003 $40 Million

Northern Bank Robbery 2004 26.5 Million Euro
Cellini Salt Cellar Robbery 2003 Stole a part-enamelled gold table sculpture by Benvenuto Cellini

The Graff Diamonds Robbery 2009 est $65 Million

Brinks-MAT Robbery 1983 26 Million Euro worth of gold, diamonds and cash

The Securitas Depot Robbery 2006 53 Million Euro in bank notes

Carlton Hotel Robbery 1994 30 Million Euro in jewels

Banco Central Burglary at Fortaleza $160 Million

Antwerp Diamond Heist 2003 $100 Million diamond heist

Heist at Harrys 2008 $108 Million

Schiphol Airport Robbery 2005 $118 Million

British Bank of the Middle East Raid 1976 25 Million Euro
E.G. Bhrle Art Museum Robbery 2008 $139 Million
Knights Bridge Security Deposit Robbery 1987 60 Million Euro

United California Bank Robbery 1972 estimated at nearly $12 Million

Millennium Dome Raid 2000 Theft of a flawless 203.04 carats 40.608 g gem with an estimated worth of 200 Million Euro

Dar Es Salaam Bank Robbery 2007 $282 Million

SMBC London Robbery 2008 $ 229 Million

Gardner Museum Robbery 1990 13 Pieces of Art Worth an estimated $500 Million

City Bonds Robbery 1990 John Goddard was robbed at knife point while transporting 301 bills and certificates of deposit, mostly for 1 million Euro each.

Central Bank of Iraq Robbery 2003 Saddam Hussein sent a demands with his son Qusay to make a withdrawal for $1 Billion. Bank personnel reluctantly consented,out of fear of what would happen for denying the dictators orders.

Stephane Breitwieser 1995-2011 The waiter turned thief,had stolen over 239 pieces of art from over 172 museums worldwide. The artwork stolen was estimated to be worth $1.2 Billion


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