May 4, 2014

People That Are Hazards in the Kitchen (21 pics)

By on Sunday, May 04, 2014

This is what Hells Kitchen really looks like.
I cant even imagine what they were going for here.
You know its bad when this wasn't meant to be BBQ.
You may get diabetes from just looking at that.
HOW do you make cookie dough do this?!
Mmm. Burned everything.
P.S. Thats now how you cook a pizza.
I hope someone has takeout handy. And a fire extinguisher.
Are those nachos?
This is so bad, science cant even explain it.
When cinnamon rolls go bad.
These kind of look edible?
I just feel bad for these cake pops.
When cooking, please avoid burning down the house.
Pineapple upside-down-and-exploded cake! Yum!
This is why you shouldn't boil eggs for hours.
How does one mess up Ramen noodles?
Angry, angry cookie monster
Pro tip: quesadillas should have more than black beans inside.
This is NOT how you make sticky sushi rice.


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