May 31, 2014

Beneath the busy streets of Bucharest

By on Saturday, May 31, 2014

Beneath the busy streets of Bucharest, Romania’s capital, is an underground society full of outcasts and addicts. They began seeking shelter in the sewers nearly two decades ago, after the fall of Communism. Now, this strange and literally underground community has bonded together to become a family. They are led by a man, covered in chains, tattoos and scars, who goes by “Bruce Luce.” He was abandoned when he was only three, but now he is the leader of this underground community, full of drug addicts huffing a metallic paint called Aurolac. It’s hard to understand their drug-addicted and subterranean life… but if you thought quitting living a life on the streets was hard, then you should be able to see why living a life under the streets is even harder to stop. It’s so shocking to see people actively living this way, share this eye-opening article with others.
Hundreds live in this vast network of sewers.

Bucharest used to be the “Paris of the East.”

Now, since it has fallen, the addicts and destitute take to the sewers.

Many of the entrances line the city streets.

Their leader and drug dealer is Bruce Lee, seen here wearing chains. If you want to huff glue, paint or shoot up, you go to him.


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