Mar 1, 2014

12 Pictures Of Death Row Prisoners’ Last Meals

By on Saturday, March 01, 2014

Photographer Henry Hargreaves re-created them for his series No Seconds.

1. In an interview by Giorgia Zardetto for the show’s catalog, Henry says: “When I first came across all the requests, I found it to be such a fascinating insight into the minds of these soon-to-be executed individuals.”
2. “As I read the requests, I began to imagine these prisoners as people and not just numbers. The story became much more real in my mind and I wanted to represent this visually.”
3. “Our culinary choices often say something about us that we sometimes cannot articulate easily. One of the trends with last meals was the amount of fried or comfort food.”
4. “To try to find a little comfort from these last bites is an interesting glimpse into their mind.”
5. “I’m not trying to push my political beliefs on the viewer. My main goal was to have the viewer identify with the prisoner though their meal request.”
6. “I wanted the viewer to think of them as a person for a moment instead of them being anonymous.”
7. “Nor am I trying to make a judgment about the crime.”
8. “The viewer can make up their own mind as to whether they agree with the punishment or not.”
9. Victor Feguer, who was hanged in 1963 for kidnap and murder, asked for a single olive. He reportedly thought it might grow into an olive tree from inside his body and hoped it would make use of him as a symbol of peace.
10. Texas has reversed the tradition of allowing death row inmates their final meal choice.


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