Feb 11, 2014

Family renovated an abandoned and decaying theater(31 Pics)

By on Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Alhambra before and after
Boarded up and wasting away. The building hadn't been used as a theatre since the 60's.
Balcony seats crumbling to dust
It had been used for bingo until the early 2000's and had been lying empty for 6 years when we took it over.

creepy hallways untouched from the days of cinema
The glory days!
The Alhambra opened as a theatre in 1922
But quickly changed purposes to a cinema
Construction of the iconic neon sign, which was then ripped down in the 1970's
The neon sign was visible over 25 miles away in Edinburgh

Work on the refurb starts
A lick of paint...

...and finally restored to former glories!
The neon sign sits proudly in place once more.

Ta-da! The 4th largest stage in Scotland, and 1200 seats to fill...

View from above the stage of the auditorium with the seats out, raising capacity to 2000


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