Feb 6, 2014

39 Jaw-Dropping Vintage Nasa Photographs

By on Thursday, February 06, 2014

Jupiter and its satellite Io, Voyager 2, June 1979.
 Buzz Aldrin’s visor reflects Armstrong, Apollo 11, July 1969.

Eugene Cernan and the antenna on the Rover, Apollo 17, December 1972.
The shadow of a lunar module thruster just before touchdown during Apollo 11, July 1969.
 Full moon seen over Earth from Gemini 7, December 1965.
Buzz Aldrin at the North Footpad of the lunar module. Apollo 11, July 1969.

Gemini 7, close up, December 1965.
The receding moon on the homeward journey of Apollo 10, May 1969.

Earthrise, the first ever witnessed by human eyes, Apollo 8, December 1968.
  David Scott climbs out of the Command Module, Apollo 9, March 1969.
Apollo 11 lift-off seen from the top of the launch gantry, Apollo 11, July 1969.
 Eclipse of the Sun by the Earth, Apollo 12, November 1969.
James McDivitt, Ed White walking in space over Hawaii, Gemini 4, June 1965.
Space Shuttle STS-1 at Kennedy Space Center, Shuttle, March 1981.
Splashdown of the Apollo 14 command module, Apollo 14, February 1971.
Florida keys from orbit, Gemini 4, June 1965.
Crescent Earth from 10,000 miles, Apollo 4, November 1967.

Gemini rendezvous, December 1965.
The Lunar Module returning from the moon, with Earthrise in the background. Apollo 11, July 1969.
Owen Garriott working outside the spacecraft, Skylab 3, August 1973.

Crater Daedalus on the dark side of the moon. Apollo 11, 1969.

Michael Collins and John Young in launch positions, Gemini 10, July 1966.
 Buzz Aldrin unpacks scientific experiments, Apollo 11, July 1969.

James McDivitt, Ed White walking in space, Gemini 4, June 1965.
Saturn seen by Voyager 1, 1980.
David Scott and the Lunar Rover, Apollo 15, August 1971.
Earth, centred on Arabia and Africa, seen on the way to the moon by Apollo 11, July 1969.
Agena target vehicle, the “angry alligator”, Gemini 9, June 1966.


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