Dec 23, 2013

People Who Made 2013 That Much More Legendary (25 pics)

By on Monday, December 23, 2013

The Netflix employee responsible for this category.
The artist responsible for this.
This older man who discovered what selfies are.
Whoever figured this out.
The guy who got caught picking his nose.
These parents who just couldn’t get a nice family photo.
The man that stumbled into this awesome coincidence.
The enemy of flutes.
Whatever a space lawyer is.
The guy who didn’t realize the “mirror” he was using was actually a window.
The man who was willing to admit this.
The awesome delivery man who followed someone’s drunk orders to “bring McDonald’s” with their pizza.
The cake designer who didn’t question the “put a cat on her head” request.
The person who Photoshopped in their missing team member.
Matthew’s parents.
Whoever thought a mustache made this more Spanish.
Everyone that made this happy little purchase.
This awesome sports fan.
This professor with a sense of humor.
Whoever wrote this book review.
This guy who would not make two trips to the car.
The man who just didn’t own a suit.
This UPS driver with the best idea ever.
The woman that followed a career path in “food production.”
The brave, English-speaking soul.


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