Nov 20, 2013

This Batkid becomes a Real-Life Superhero for a Day (21 pics)

By on Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Miles Scott lives in Tulelake California and is a 5 year old boy currently in remission from leukemia. The “Make-a-Wish America” foundation transformed San Francisco into Gotham City in honor of Miles and the elaborate story was carried out with volunteers who play-acted various scenarios in which Miles was called for help as “Batkid”.

Miles and Family Arrive in Gotham
Miles aka Batkid
The Batmobile
Batkid is ready to save the day
Batkid help! A lady is tied up to a mysterious device and stuck on the cable car tracks!
A civilian is saved
Thank you Batkid
The Penguin Appears!
Batkid is on it
The Riddler Appears!
Here comes Batkid
Justice is served
Batkid with his little brother aka Robin The city is safe for another day
Gotham rejoices!
Citizens show their support
A Hero’s Welcome
Thank you Batkid
Keys to the city
Thank you Miles
Thank you San Francisco
Stop the Presses!


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