Nov 23, 2013

Bathing in Strange Things (39 pics)

By on Saturday, November 23, 2013


  1. Interesting read. To the comment about "addicts" choosing to continue having children they cannot take care of- I would assume the "choice" is more so an "effect" of not having birth control nor self control due to the drug use. I would make a very large bet most of the john's do not take the time to worry about using a condom, nor would the drug addict worry so much at that point while their mind is clouded by bad judgment to get the act over with to get the next fix.
    I pray for the addicts to one day be strong enough to choose to get/stay clean, pray for the children born into these sad situations and pray thanks for people like the writer to still treat these members like people. It's obvious the joy a lending/non judging ear and a photo can do to one's spirit

  2. because they are high and subsequently impulsive judge some more