Oct 31, 2013

Masked Monkeys of Jakarta (17 pics)

By on Thursday, October 31, 2013

Indonesia bans masked monkey shows in Jakarta. Indonesian security forces conducting raids to rescue macaques used in popular roadside performances in Jakarta.  


  1. I have seen this on TV news and on the Internet and all I come away with is; where is the parent(s)? This just shows the ignorance and down right uncivil allowed behavior of this kid and how irresponsible his parents are. The kid obviously didn't arrive by himself, so some guardian MUST be in the area. Also, after a couple of minutes, the guardian should have come immediately up the stage and taken him down. The Pope after all, has a JOB TO DO, not waste his precious time tending to a spoiled rotten kid. Notice how the boy keeps interferring with the proceedings. It isn't cute, it isn't charming, it's bad manners and bad parenting.