Sep 17, 2013

German Political Parties Create Miniature Utopias

By on Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Before the 2009 election kicked off in Germany, Hamburg’s miniature railway museum - Miniatur Wonderland - gave the country's main political players the opportunity to create their very own model of a perfect Germany to show off the visions they had for their country’s future. Each party was given one square meter of space to create their own scale models of utopia. The exhibition was first held four years ago as an attempt to familiarize voters with political concepts ahead of the 2009 general election. Now as another election approaches in 2013, Miniatur Wonderland invited the six major political parties once again to create new utopias.

Christian Democratic Party’s Utopia

Christian Social Union’s Utopia

Free Democratic Party’s Utopia

Social Democratic Party’s Utopia

Green Party’s Utopia

Left Party’s Utopia


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