Sep 21, 2013

Fiber Optic Star Map(23 Pics)

By on Saturday, September 21, 2013

Poster board   38"x66"
Panorama of the Milky Way edited for the project.

Printed at 37"x65", the size of a 75" tv
Map of stars to be placed on back for placement of constellations. Ten background stars will be blocks A-E, nine stars in M-Q. Eleven background stars in blocks G-K. Seven background stars in F, L, R. Total 174 background stars, 413 constellation points
Front poster glued on.
Alignment of the front and back posters
Alignment of the front and back posters
Testing alignment of the posters.
Excess foam trimmed away
Drilling the holes for the fiber. Drill bits used 1/16" for .75mm, 1/8" for 1.5mm
Constellations are in the red dots, background stars are circled by pen
All of the holes are drilled!
Glued on zip ties to guide the fiber
Needed 600' of .75mm fiber and 1300' of 1.5mm fiber. The spooling setup worked well for the 1.5mm fiber. It didn't work for the .75mm, which kept falling down and tightening around the screw.
Starting to run the fiber, ran the points that were in the way of others first.
All of the fiber is run!!
I ended up using three illuminators because of the number of points. The middle one isn't as bright because I wanted to keep all of the background stars and the more well known constellations on the same illuminator, and it barely fits.
Light up before trimming.
Light up after trimming.
All of the fibers are trimmed.
Close up of the Milky Way, and trimmed fibers.
Supporting struts so the frame wouldn't warp.
Hanging in my room.
With the lights off


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