Aug 8, 2013

Great Indian Wedding (81 pics)

By on Thursday, August 08, 2013

Meet Shannon and Seema. 
This June, they were married in a breathtaking traditional Indian ceremony.Images of the gorgeous ceremony quickly spread all over the internet.

Now, the happy couple shares the story of that special day in their own words:
We are a typical couple, at least to us. We are an interracial couple of Indian and American descent who found love at first sight. Well, let’s make that Shannon found love at first sight. The day I met Seema, I was teaching one of my boot camp classes and I turned to another instructor and said “I’m going to marry her.” Of course, Seema fell in love shortly after, and six years later it became true.


  1. Oooooooooo, isn't it GREAT???? A gay 'wedding' AND with brownies!!! BARF. I am so fucking tired of having all this shit forced on us.

    Twenty years ago NOBODY had even THOUGHT about a so-called gay 'wedding', now it's all 'oooo, look how hip and cool and accepting I am because I champion something the communist organizer didn't support until he wanted to be re-elected'

    Go fuck yourselves.

  2. Dave you are a very sad sad sad person. I pray you find peace and happiness within your soul. Love is paitent...Love is matter who is is falling in love with whom. The photos were lovely and I wish the couple much happiness.

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  4. You poor thing. It must be exhausting being you. To have to look at yourself in the mirror every day and avoiding looking into your own eyes because you can not stand who you are and what you have become. To see the evil seeping out of every pore on your face. To know you will never be loved because you are not capable of love. This conversation now ends, because I understand that people like you thrive on people responding to your hatered. It will end with this tho you may never be loved by another human being you are loved by the lord. He sees you and everything you do and still he loves you and has hope for you. You will be in the prayers of many.....many good people. There is hope for you. So stop giving up hope for yourself.

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