Jun 19, 2013

Things You Can Buy in South Korea (29 pics)

By on Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Some Yellow Food
Some Flying Fish Spawn
This Amazing Wheel of Meat
Or This Sexy-Ass Steak
These Beauty Calorie Noodles
Or This Sweet, Garlic Pastry
This Low-Calorie Water
This Beer-Through-A-Straw At A Movie Theater
Or this winery wine — which is like, totally, from a winery
These Mona Lisa Chocolate Cookies
These Nappies
Or these sanitary pads, which include an interactive display
These Must-Have Beauty Aids
And These Ones
This Mouth Strap
These Women’s Linge
And These Running Panties
This Notebook
This Ken Doll Hair Wax
This Vuvuzela Sexual Lubricant
These Powerful Eyedrops
Condoms and/or Mentos from This Well-Meaning Dispenser

This Organic, Green-Tea TP
Some Frisk Gum to Sharpen You Up in One Touch
These Silkworm Pills
Or These Larva Multivitamins
These Dog Panties
And/or These Ones


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